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M. Lynn Osborne

Independent Field Rep

Here is the schedule I mentioned sending out ahead so you have what you need on hand and can start to think about the schedule. I have a paper copy included in your packet on with the exact schedule every 2 hours starting at 6 am till 10 pm, feeding/rest time/potty/play time etc.

But, the 3 feeding times are 6 am, 12 noon and 4 pm just to start thinking about, and outside every 2 hours to potty starting at 6 am first trip outside.

I will include another flyer on the NuVet at pickup, but here is the link All puppies are on the NuVet WAFERS.

Remember, we do extend the health guarantee if the puppy is kept on both the NuVet and Lifes Abundance Products. Both must be ordered through our links for tracking purposes for the guarantee!!

Your New Puppy Is Currently Eating...

*Life's Abundance Small/Med Breed Dry Puppy Food

* Life's Abundance Pork & Venison Canned Puppy Food

* Life's Abundance Turkey & Berry Chewie Treats

Please Have These 3 Items On Hand BEFORE Your Pups Arrival

What To Have On Hand

*NuVet Plus Vitamin Wafers

*Lifes Abundance -Small/Med Breed Puppy Dry Food

*Lifes Abundance- Canned Food

Lifes Abundance- Ultra Pure Omega Fish Oil

Lifes Abundance- Turkey & Berry Chewie Treats

Lifes Abundance Gourmet Dental Treats

Tasty Rewards Training Treats

Feeding Directions Puppies & Adults

Your new pup is currently eating 3 meals a day. Each meal has 1/4 to 1/3 cup kibble, start with ¼ first couple days and advance to 1/3 cup at each feeding.

Within a week or two of bringing your puppy home he should be eating the full 1/3 cup at each meal. Once pup is about 12 weeks you can switch from three down to two feedings a day - each feeding should have at least 1/2 cup kibble. May need to increase a bit during growth spurts. The average puppy and adult eat one to one and half cups a day.

Breakfast Meal

The breakfast meal is 1/4 - 1/3 cup LA Small/Med Puppy kibble mixed with Ultra Pure Omega Fish Oil and HALF TBSP Life's Abundance Canned Food.

Lunch & Dinner Meals

The lunch and dinner meals are ¼-1/3 cup LA Small/Med Puppy Kibble mixed with HALF TBSP Life's Abundance Canned Food.

Age Appropriate Amounts

Puppies 8-12 Weeks

Feed slightly heaped 1/3 cup LA Small/Med Puppy Kibble at each meal.

(Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner which is total of almost 1 cup for the day)

Puppies 12 Weeks - Adults

Omit Lunch Feeding, Increase amounts fed at Breakfast & Dinner. You will now feed half cup at each meal. (Breakfast & Dinner which is total of one cup per day.) NOTE some older pups & adults will need up to one & half cups total per day depending on individual metabolism. Continue the fish oil at breakfast, may continue 1 TBSP of canned food at breakfast. The Tasty Rewards and the Turkey and Berry Treats may be used to reward for training and outdoor potty rewards. Break a fingernail sized piece off as a reward. Don't overfeed treats as they can affect appetite. Lifes Abundance Treats are all meant to be functioning treats, meaning they complement and work with the food products they are not just empty calories!

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