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Rocky Creek Cross My Chocolate Heart,

June, 19, 2015

AKA Britney. Britney is an AKC registered Liver colored mega coated female. She has not had her first litter yet but have high hopes of gorgeous babies out of her. 

Retired and available for adoption. There is a small adoption fee. She has been adopted.

Pictured at the left is Britney's little girl Reba. Reba will be replacing her mother in our breeding program.

Rocky Creek's Sweet Saving Grace

DOB: December 29, 2020

Grace is an AKC, DNA'd MIniature Schnauzer

She has a great disposition/ temperament. Her color is black and silver, coat is full but not mega coat.

Rocky Creek's Loving Joy, Aka Chloe

DOB: 3/13/2019

Chloe is an AKC solid black female out of Coco by Sebastian. Chloe has been raising us some very nice puppies with beautiful coats and disposition. She weights approx. 13 lbs.

Chloe is owned by my dear friends and neighbors Diane and Tom. She is a full sister to Clair out of another litter. Her grandfather is Reno.

DNA tested for genetic defect

Rocky Creeks Penelope Van Bourgondien

AKA Penelope

DOB March 17, 2015

AKC Black and Silver. Penelope throws black, black and silver and salt and pepper. She weights approx. 17 lbs and just like her mom, Ashleigh she has a wonderful disposition. Penelope is 4th generation out of my dogs.

Ashleigh will be retiring this year. She will retire to the wonderful home where her mother lives.

Rocky Creeks Christie Schwarzer Hund

AKA Christie, DOB: April 30 2017

AKC, Solid black out of Skye and Miley both my lines

She has a very sweet personality just like her mom.

DNA tested for genetic defect

Rocky Creeks Sweet Trudy Anneliese

DOB: Nov. 26, 2018

This little parti girl has just joined us from Oklahoma. Shes an AKC salt and pepper parti.

Can't wait for 2020 to see what this little girl produces for us. 

Trudy is being bred this year, 2020 for Schnorkie puppies.

DNA tested for genetic defect

Her weight is 14 lbs


DOB: 1/14/2020

Oakley is a solid black, AKC Mini Schnauzer. She weights 16lbs. Oakley is owned by my Son and his family. She is out of Agatha, Christie's sister, by Doc.

Alpats Joy of My Life

Aka Joy

Joy is an AKC Wheaten, Mini Schnauzer. 

DOB, 8/6/2021. She weights 12lbs. She has a very luxurious soft coat. Very loving temperament.

Alpats Scarlet Grace

Aka Scarlet

Scarlet is an AKC, Black and rust, Mini Schnauzer.

DOB, August, 6 2021

Scarlet is Joy sister from the same litter. She is about 12 lbs. She's a little more active than her sister but also a very loving girl.

DNA tested for genetic defect

Rocky Creek's Chocolate Glamour Girl

Aka Reba

Reba is a Liver, AKC Mini Schnauzer

DOB October 14, 2021

Reba is out of Brittney by Reno. She will probably mature to 14 lbs. Sweet temperament.

Lil Bit

Lil Bit is a Schnorkie so she is not AKC registered

DOB: December 19, 2020

She's a salt and pepper parti and weights about 4 lbs. She is bred back to a 3 lb pure bred yorkie

Her mother is Trudy and her father is a 3 lb yorkie

Rocky Creeks Clara Adalwolfa

Aka Clair

Clair is an AKC Mini Schnauzer, solid black

DOB: August 27, 2020

Clair is out of CoCo by Sebastian. Reno is her grandfather and thats where she gets her waves. She weights 14 lbs. She is very laid back and loves to play with the other dogs.

Rocky Creek's Fritz Von Miley

Aka Gabby

Gabby is an AKC, black and silver Mini Schnauzer.

DOB: Dec. 15, 2020

Gabby is out of my Christie by Sebastian. She has a sweet, shy personality.

Her weight is 11 lbs

Rocky Creek's Ebony Schwarzer Hund

Aka Ebony

Ebony is an AKC, solid black, Mini Schnauzer

DOB: July 21, 2021

Ebony is out of my Christie by Sebastian.  She is very lively and loves to play chase with the other pups. 

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