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Trusted Miniature Schnauzer Breeders at Rocky Creek Kennels send all puppies away with limited AKC registration, their first booster shots, and de-worming treatments. Puppies available for sale range from $1500.00-$2500 and the non-refundable deposit is $300.00 to $800.00. Schnauzer puppies are guaranteed for the first 2 years against genetic defect (See health guarantee).

Schnorkie puppy at family reunion with her new family.

White Schnauzers are beautiful and don't get any dirtier than any other color.

Typical salt and pepper pup.

Everybody here on the farm gets along.

Three of my babies sharing the bed. Lexi, Penelope and Reno.


My 8 lb, mega coated, Stud. We won't be breeding him for smaller puppies but to put this gorgeous coat and stocky body on the puppies. His wonderful personality doesn't hurt either.

This is Gretchen, the Matriarch of the family. 9/8/99 to 11/16/15 Rest in Peace my beautiful girl.

Reno, my small stud

Reno is 10lbs and 9 inches at the shoulder. He has 3 litters on the ground and I'm still waiting to see how big they get. I believe most of them are going to be a little bit smaller than him


Elsa pictured here with Miley. Elsa is my new Schnorkie puppy Mom. She's a white and gold party Yorkie

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