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Sales Contract/Health Guarantee

A copy of this guarantee will be included in you puppy pack.

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We provide only healthy dogs and puppies for sale at Rocky Creek Kennel. Your new puppy is guaranteed to be in healthy condition and free of genetic defect at the time of sale.  This guarantee is conditioned only on your agreement to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian for examination within 3 business days.  If there is a problem that you can't get an appointment in that amount of time, you must notify me. If the examination proves the puppy to be other than in healthy condition and it is returned to me immediately with a letter from your vet as to its condition, the full purchase price will be refunded.  In the unlikely event that a puppy should die within the 3 day period, a necropsy by a licensed vet must be performed to determine cause of death and a copy provided to seller.  If necropsy results show the puppy died of genetic defect, the purchase price and necropsy cost will be refunded in full.  Cash refunds will only be issued within the first 3 days and with the above described conditions there after a replacement puppy will be provided when one becomes available up to one year from date of birth.  This guarantee will be extended to 1 more year if said puppy is kept on a diet of Life's Abundance Products and Nuvet vitamins for the full 2 years. (See website for information on Nuvet and Nutrition)

     Parasites such as but not limited to worms, demodex (mites), Guardia, coccid IA and fleas are not a reason to return a puppy.  We strive to do everything we can to prevent parasites but there is never any guarantee they wouldn't become re-infested prier to pickup.  Parasites if detected during your vet check are easily treatable.  If you have any questions about parasites after your initial visit with the vet please contact me, I may be able to help you avoid another vet visit.

     Puppies are sold as pet quality only, I make no guarantee of being able to show, breed, weight or height as adults.  This guarantee does not include elongated soft palate, stenotic-nares (collapsed nostrils), under or over shot bite, cherry eye, loose hips, skin allergies, undescended  testicals,  hernias, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)* or heart murmur grade 1 and 2.  Many of these conditions are common in bulldogs.

     Buyer understands that owning a pet requires trips to a veterinarian for immunizations and yearly health exams, all veterinarian fees are the responsibility of the buyer.  Your new puppy was born and raised in my home and is current on vaccinations and de-worming, a health record is included in your puppy kit to be taken to your vet during puppies first vet check.  Buyer also must understand that failure to follow up with regular checkups makes this guarantee null and void.  If any genetic defect should show up in your puppy at any stage of it's life you need to contact me so that that breeding will not be repeated.  

All my dogs are vet checked on a regular bases and have been found healthy and free of defect. Contact us now for more information about our available puppies or health guarantee. 

*If puppies show signs of being lethargic, weak or listless a dropper of Karo syrup should raise their blood sugar level immediately.  If you have worries of this happening a little Karo can be put in their drinking water for the first couple of days.  This problem is most common in very small breeds.